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The work we do is frequently dangerous and dirty. While construction equipment moves around us, we are on foot pounding hubs and setting grade stakes for construction control. We are focused on safety for ourselves and for the people who work around us. Environmental protection is essential to America's future and North Fork has been involved in environmental remediation project mapping from Texhoma to the California coast.


Our company is licensed to practice land boundary surveying in Oklahoma. Our expert testimony in state and federal courts has been used to help determine the ownership of land and the location of natural and man-made objects on the land. We are regulated by the Oklahoma Board of Registration, which requires that we meet standards of practice for the performance of land boundary surveys.

Meeting the requirements of the registration board is essential to the performance of an adequate boundary survey. Our certification includes a statement that the standards of practice have been met.

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Our main focus the last few years has been in the wind farm industry.  We start with the beginning of a project by surveying the sections, staking for roads, utilities, and towers for construction, and finally surveying the as-built for the final ALTA survey.


We furnish accurate ALTA surveys. We understand the specifications and are able to comply with ALTA survey requirements. Clients who tell us their mandates before we begin the work will have those requirements met.


Construction staking has continually been a primary segment of our work. With a combination of accurate calculations, precision measurements, and field work done with diligent regard for the placement of survey control we provide productivity, quality assurance, and economy.


Buildings, recreation facilities, roads, parking lots, erosion control, and utilities, which were built from our stakes are scattered throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding states.


We have incorporated GPS (Global Positioning System) to surveying and mapping since the 1990's.


Our GPS control surveys are located in six states and have been used to build hydroelectric power plants, oil and gas pipelines, water and sewer lines, hospital additions, and as a basis for coordinate control for mapping and engineering projects for an entire community.


We have provided high precision control surveys for mapping projects for several Oklahoma cities, including Lawton, Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Hobart.


We have a variety of GPS equipment to meet a variety of project requirements from rough accuracy hand-held units to high-precision real-time kinematic or static survey systems.


Geographic coordinates, state plane coordinates, UTM coordinates, and the bearing and distance calculations that go with these systems are not a foreign language to us. We understand how to compute and use elevation factors.


GIS (Geographic Information System), has become an effective management tool for even small communities, utility companies, and government entities where resource limitations mandate efficient management of facilities.

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